FISD Joensuu help needed



I installed I put the old Fs2002 scenerydb files in the texture file of EFJO. I made two library items. One for EFJO and one for EfJO-stuff. However when start a flight at Joensuu FS9 crashes, also when I approach EFJO FS9 crashes 

Did I do something wrong? The readme does not mention anything about the scenerydb files.

Thanks in advance for help, because it's still a great scenery.

The old FS2002 version works no more, but the FS2004 version works well. You will have to download all the files under Joensuu in here at FSNordic's file library if you want to get this scenery to work. Files are, and Old FS2002 version will crash the simulator.

Then you can find a readme.txt file inside the file. It tells you completely how to install a FS2004 version so don't mind about earlier versions readme files.


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