SAS 737-600 Flight SK123, EFHK-ESSA. Check this out!



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Hej Jacob !

Nice pictures - very unique way of presenting a flight
However, I noticed two things:

- Check out the ND on the 2nd picture - the TCAS is off. Usually it should be turned on to warn you of traffic
- Seems like either the fuel is too expensive in ESSA or you got too much money  - On the 8th picture your estimated fuel level at ESSA (18.8t) looks a bit too high. Maybe you should consider using a software to plan your fuel. I'd recommend PMDG's Fuel Planner, which can be found on --> Downloads --> Miscellaneous --> PMDG Fuel Planner.

Other than that, keep up the good job

Thanks Max, I'll have a look at that.



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