Around Finland, check this out!

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I have been doing this around Finland trip almost six months, but still in the 6st part.  But you can check the newest part of this from here:,61056.0.html

You can put your comments in this topic or in the original topic with pics. 

EDIT_ Sorry for the texts in only Finnish, I try to put the next part comments in english too. 

Hi, now there┤s new part for the series, check it out: 

Another part is out, here you can find it:,61229.0.html

REally nice pics. Thinking my self to do some VFR tours.

Im sorry about the dog.

I download 100 of scenaries now (love small, freeware VFR airports), to make a VFR flight from Bromma and down to Íland.
Then, i think i fly to the west, Landvetter maybe. 
And then maybe back to Bromma, i don't know yet.

I'm also gone use the plane you used, Piper or possible Maule, and i will see if i can post some posts here.

Anyway, nice pics 


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