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Mikko J Virtanen:
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Just for practie and fun, I made a screenshotvideo of Binter Canarias' ATR72-500, Boeing 737-4Q8 (-400) and Beech 1900D flying around Canary Islands to various airports. There are only few shots from some of the flights and a bit more from some of the flights. About these destinations can be found from the video or if not, I've left some shots off:

LPA=Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
SPC=La Palma
TFN=Tenerife North aka Los Rodeos
VDE=El Hierro
FNC=Madeira Funchal
GMZ=La Gomera

The video is a bit less than 4minutes and there are lots of screenshots. If you don't wish to watch it all the way to the end (get bored), then you don't have to. Saving the video made sure that some of the screenshots are not so great that they were on my computer.

These are the flights which can be found from the video:
1. ATR 72-500: La Palma (SPC) - Los Rodeos (TFN)
2. ATR 72-500: Los Rodeos (TFN) - Madeira Funchal (FNC)
3. ATR 72-500: Los Rodeos (TFN) - El Hierro (VDE)
4. B737-4Q8: Los Rodeos (TFN) - Madeira Funchal (FNC)
5. B737-4Q8: Aprroach to Las Palmas rnw 03L (LPA)
6. Beech 1900D: Los Rodeos (TFN) - La Gomera (GMZ)
7. ATR 72-500: Lanzarote (ACE) - Las Palmas (LPA)
8. ATR 72-500: Las Palmas (LPA) - La Palma (SPC)
9. ATR 72-500: La Palma (SPC) - Las Palmas (LPA)
10. ATR 72-500: Las Palmas (LPA) - Lanzarote (ACE)
11. ATR 72-500: Los Rodeos (TFN) - El Hierro (VDE)
12. ATR 72-500: El Hierro (VDE) - Los Rodeos (TFN)

AND the video can be found  here
Enjoy if you can and if you have comments, please write them!
Ps. This topic can be also found from the Finnish discussion area, but I believe that all of you don't understand finnish and wish to stay here.


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