IVAO Finland NEWSLETTER 1/2007


Contents of this newsletter:

- Year 2006
- Events for 2007
- IFR-tour 2007
- New staffmembers
- Changes on the webpage

YEAR 2006

The year 2006 was the first year of operation for IVAO Finland. The division started on May 21st after several months of plannings and preparations. When the division started operating, there were a bit more than 20 active members in the division. In July there were around 60 hours of online activity per week (controlling and flying) in the area of Finland.

At the end of the year, the number of active members has tripled and the activity has climbed to 170 hours/week.


The following is a preliminary schedule of becoming events, so changes are possible. It is likely that we will arrange more events than announced here.

29.01.2007 (Mon) Training Fly-In - IFR2
03.02.2007 (Sat) IVAO Finland 1st IFR Tour opening event
03.02.2007 - 15.05.2007 IVAO Finland IFR-tour
05.03.2007 (Mon) Training Fly-In - VFR2
12.04.2007 (Thu) Training Fly-In - IFR3
23.04.2007 (Mon) Training Fly-In - VFR3
11.05.2007 (Fri) Eurovision Fly-in
16.06.2007 (Sat) IVAO Finland 1 year celebration Fly-In
01.07.2007 (Sun) IVAO Finland 1st VFR Tour opening event
01.07.2007 - 01.09.2007 IVAO Finland VFR-tour
22.07.2007 (Sun) Savonlinna opera festival fly-in (local event)
04.08.2007 (Sat) Neste Rally Fly-In
10.09.2007 (Mon) Training Fly-In - IFR1
15.10.2007 (Mon) Training Fly-In - IFR2
19.11.2007 (Mon) Training Fly-In - IFR3
15.12.2007 (Sat) Finland Christmas Fly-in 2007

We will be holding a poll regarding training events which will take into account when further planning the events.


Two new members have joined the IVAO Finland staff. During autumn we were accompanied by Tero Partanen, an experienced virtual aviator and a long-time online flying enthusiast. Tero's area of responsibility is developing and managing flight operations in Finland (FI-FOC).

In January 2007, Jukka Palander from Joensuu, who is also experienced with flight simulators and online flying, joined our team. Jukka's area of responsibility is planning and implementation of events (FI-EC).


Our web pages will be renovated starting on January 19th and part of the site, like search, site map and some other features will be disabled for some time. The alteration will primarily be developing the content and rearranging and also moving the site to a new platform. The layout will also be changed slightly.

The site will stay in use regardless of the work being carried out, but short interruptions are possible.

Wishing a happy beginning for the new year,

IVAO Finland staff


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