Nordic Triangle Event - VATSIM


Martin Loxbo:
VACC Finland and VACCSCA presents
Nordic Triangle Event
Sunday 28th of January, starting at 1700 zulu time and lasting until 2000 zulu time, VACC Finland and VACCSCA joins forces with the staffing of Rovaniemi (EFRO) in Finland, Troms° (ENTC) in Norway and Luleň (ESPA) in Sweden, as well as all of the airspace between these airports. In other words: flights between these airports are guaranteed service from our friendly ATC's all the way!

Event Information:
Airport charts:
Troms° (ENTC):
Luleň (ESPA):
Rovaniemi (EFRO):

Enroute charts:
Norway (north) Lower airspace:
Norway (north) Upper airspace:
Sweden (north):
Finland Lower airspace:
Finland Upper airspace:

Scenery (recomended):
Sweden: (payware)


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