Compatibilty UT Europe and FISD FinnClass/FinnTerrain

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I'm still an avid user of the great FISD scenery. However I recently installed UT EUROPE. And it dawned to me that FinnTerrain/FinnClass are perhaps not compatible at all....

Is there some workaround or patch to make both compatible? Like e.g. the patch that made Norway Scenic and UTEUR compatible, so one has the best of both worlds?

Thanks in advance,
Rob de Vries
The Netherlands 

PS I did a search on the forums/google and some post in finnish showed up. However I could not make anything of it, i'm sorry.

No one? 


Are the priorities correct?


I put FinnClass/FinnTerrain on a higher priority tham UT EUR. But two products defining terrain ...? Don't think that priority solves issues of double shorelines...esp. where they both overlap?

I don't know much about this but I think the layers how UT Europe displays roads and shorelines are much higher than default and much higher than FinnTerrain. That's why the scenery layer in Scenery library has no effect. Actually I think Ultimate Terrain displays roads even over photosceneries which in my opinion is totally unnecessary.

A long time ago I understood that UT would become FinnTerrain compatible but I guess that never happened. Lapland in UT has correct roads, I think, but the waters are not correct so there FinnTerrain is much better choice. I don't own UT Europe, only UT USA, so I can't test anything. Maybe it would be possible to create exclude files for whole Finland, files that would remove UT Europe from that area.


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