Virtual Blue1 is launched!

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Hi folks,

After nearly a year in planning and waiting for permission from the real airline, we are proud to announce that Blue1 Virtual is open for business! Blue 1 Virtual is a new Finnish virtual airline which aims to increase the coverage of online virtual aviation. However, we are happy to welcome pilots who wish to operate flights offline.

We offer all new pilots a comprehensive type training materials for the MD90 and British Aerospace Avro RJ aircraft (as operated by the real airline) as well as materials to aid online flight. The website and training materials are in Finnish but in most cases, English versions are (or will be) available and pilots need only have a rudimentry knowledge of Finnish to fly for us.

The first pilot recruiting is open right now! The places are limited as we will start our operations with only a small number of pilots but in time we will expand and hold further recruitment sessions.

I've put together a short promotional video which you can get here

Further details can be found on our website at

Happy Landings!
Aleksi Saarinen, Jaakko Rissanen, Lauri Rantanen and Geoff Cooper


Looks nice You have obviously forgotten to link to but I suppose that can be easily fixed


Ooops! I thought we had done the links... Aleksi is in charge of the website so I'll let him know to add it!


Will there be an English version?


Will there be an English version?

Eventually there will be... We're currently getting all the training materials ready in Finnish since 99% of interest in this is from Finnish speakers. After that I'll be translating as much as is needed for English speaking pilots if there is enough interest. It should be noted that most of the necessary training manuala etc are already in English. For now we have recruited our first crop of new pilots so we'll not be taking anyone else for a few months... There is an English area in the Blue1VA forum on the site - I suggest you take a look from time to time and you'll find out what we're up to that way...




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