Aaah Freeware. "Tongass" is expanding...


Heads up Alaska bushmen and wilderness adventurers...

Free? Yes sir. Holger Sandmann and Jon Patch are nearing completion their "Glacier National Park" freeware very soon, which expands the already incredible Misty and Tongass Fjords (payware) regions even farther north to encompass a huge area: Lynn Canal, Glacier National Park, the pristine wastes of the Juneau Icefield, and careful renditions of Juneau and Skagway to say the least. All of us...especially long time FS bush pilots... are forever grateful to Holger and Jon for their passion and dedication to this caliber "real world" rendering. Looking forward to...

In addition, the "Amigos" (Bill Dick, Woody Fout, Phil Cayton, Misty Moorings' Doug Linn and myself) are putting the final touches on a Tongass Fjords scenery enhancement entitled "SIRP" (the Stikine Icefield Reasearch Program). Based on it's real world counterpart (the Juneau Icefield Research Program, or JIRP), it places ten isolated glacier research camps in the frigid labyrinth of the Stikine Icefield. These camps are remote, hard to find, and (especially in real world weather) quite challenging. SIRP includes 3d snow drifts, wind vectored and velocity triggered BLOWING SNOW FX, custom animated fire, new smoke effects, custom sounds, FSCargo locations and more...

For release dates and support for these sceneries keep an eye on the forums at:

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Misty Fjords Forum:
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Safe landings to all,
-Ed Truthan

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