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Author Topic: Solo  (Read 1509 times)
Former member
« on: 11.02.07, 22:36 »

Hello Every1

I did my first solo today at my local airport and got the customary bucket of water lobbed over me (I am currently juggling a logbook and a hairdryer)  Grin.

I heard from another pilot about a year ago that in the USA and some parts of Europe they cut off the shirt tails of the pilots as they are no longer needed for the instructor chastising the student when they muff up (when planes were a one and one layout unlike our "new ones").

I am wondering if there are any other traditions in other places for first solo pilots that are interesting/amusing/funny.

I have dried my £90 jacket out, changed my trousers, and have aquired the hairdryer to dry off the paper (never use the oven on paperstuffs  Wink as it smokes worse than me on a bad day).

Gracias muchas (I think this is the spelling - I used to speak Spanish and Italian but now speak "Blue French" in regards to the Volvo XC70 I used to own - it skidded on ice when I was roaring along at 95 mph on a country road in my "New Romantic" mode. I got a newfound romance with the airbags of the Volvo to the sweet tones of Spandau Ballet).

Twee gweens ("Me Cute" talk for Three Greens)
Tatu Kantomaa
Patu Cantona
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Re: Solo
« Reply #1 on: 11.02.07, 22:48 »

My first solo was like this:

2 touch and go's with an instructor and then he said: "taxi to the ramp". I did and he said:" I go out now, make a new flight plan on the tower frequency and remember to say that this is your first solo flight." Then he left. I did the plan and flew few touch and go's and that was it, nothing more to it, no traditions, no nothing. This was in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Congratulations to you Dave.  Cool

'Don't panic'
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Re: Solo
« Reply #2 on: 12.02.07, 10:56 »

You may note the incoherent babbling that I posted in my message. I thought that I had better apologise for this.

I celebrated my success when I got back home and one drink led to another and when I am drunk I babble incoherently until I pass out. It was fortified wine, vodka with lemonade, and vodka with beer. Never do this. No really, don't try this at home unless you have shares in painkiller manufaturing companies  Wink

The solo was actually one of the strangest experiences I had. I forgot that the instructor wasn't there and thought that things had gone a bit quiet.

I noticed a BAe 146 parked on the apron as I taxied out and the back spoiler was open but the wing spoilers shut. Is this normal on that plane? I thought about reporting it to ATC but decided that the ground team would have noticed it and said something if it was not meant to be open.
Geoff Cooper
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Re: Solo
« Reply #3 on: 12.02.07, 11:00 »

I believe the clamshell-spoiler on the rear of the BAe is sometimes open as a result of the hyrdaulics being shut off... Therefore normal when parked.

Jaakko Rissanen
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Re: Solo
« Reply #4 on: 12.02.07, 12:17 »

I got thrown into a lake, which is a Finnish tradition  Smiley (lake or swimming pool).   
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Re: Solo
« Reply #5 on: 13.02.07, 19:14 »

I'm glad that there was nothing wrong with the BAe. I'm glad that I didn't get chucked into a swimming pool or lake. A bucket was cold enough standing (my hands were white from the cold when checking out the Tommy never mind a lake).

I would also like to ask if anybody here has experienced a fire in the engine or cockpit of their plane?
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