[VATSIM] New every thursday: EKCH online evening with nice staffing 1830z-2200z

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Martin Georg:

Dear online pilots,

Copenhagen AOR is proud to announce that we will start a new weekly online evening at our capital Airport Kastrup, beginning with this Thursday. At February 22nd, from 1830z - 2200z (19:30h - 23:00h local time) expect all major ATC positions at Denmarks busiest location to be staffed with friendly and qualified ATC. As a minimum, Center, Approach, Tower and Ground will be there, but very likely more positions will join! Be sure to check the staffing via Eurobook!
Kastrup offers excellent opportunities for short and mid-range flights to various destinations in Europe. For this thursdary, February 22nd, you can especially plan for flights from or to Hamburg EDDH, Leipzig EDDP, Cologne EDDK and Stuttgart EDDS . We will add other destinations to this list as soon as we know about them.

If you want to visit us (what we sincerely hope ), be sure to make yourself comfortable with the airport and the procedures at Kastrup. For your convenience we have added a nice website here ( available from monday late night ) where you can review the latest information about parking stands, frequencies etc. The latest charts can be obtained directly from the danish ATC authorities here - be sure to have them at hand .

BTW, donīt waste your time creating flight routes - we have them ready and validated for you. Just hop over to the following links to retreive them ready-to-be-entered into any FMC here:

EKCH/EDDH : http://www.vatroute.net/web_showfp.php?dep=ekch&dest=eddh&start=1
EKCH/EDDP : http://www.vatroute.net/web_showfp.php?dep=ekch&dest=eddp&start=1
EKCH/EDDK : http://www.vatroute.net/web_showfp.php?dep=ekch&dest=eddk&start=1
EKCH/EDDS : http://www.vatroute.net/web_showfp.php?dep=ekch&dest=edds&start=1

And some late additions:

EKCH/EGLC (London City): Get your route here
EKCH/EGCC (Manchester): Get your route here
EKCH/EGLL (Heathrow): Get your route here

EKCH/EDDM (Munich): Your route is here

But most of all - be sure to bring the right mood, and a bag full of fun and enjoyment with you to spend a great flying evening at Denkmark. Our team will do itīs very best to ensure this for you.

Happy flying, and thanks for visiting us !

The Denmark AOR team,
vaCC Scandinavia

Martin Georg:
Dear pilots,

next round is coming up, so do not miss the opportunity to visit us at Copenhagen this thursday. Last week we had 41 movements, and we are eager to get past that number! Help us to beat the mark!

As usual, you will find all infos here: http://www.vaccsca.org/event/thursday/ , and charts can be picked up here: http://www.slv.dk/Dokumenter/dscgi/ds.py/View/Collection-344

See you at EKCH on thursday!

Martin Georg:
hello pilots,

our third week of EKCH thursday staffing is approaching, and we will be there for you as planned from 1830z up to 2200z. This weeks special flying opportunities are as  followed (retrieved from vACC announcements and Eurobook):

EKCH - EDDB (with a tower exam there!) http://www.vatroute.net/web_showfp.php?dep...H&dest=EDDB
EKCH - EGSS http://www.euroutepro.com/fp/fp_main.php?i...CH&arr=EGSS
EKCH - EGCC http://www.euroutepro.com/fp/fp_main.php?i...CH&arr=EGCC
EKCH - EDDH http://www.vatroute.net/web_showfp.php?dep...H&dest=EDDH

For the mid-range freaks there is a special opportunity for flights to Greece, LGTS, LGAV and LGRP will all be upen until 2200z. Here are the routings:

EKCH - LGAV http://www.euroutepro.com/fp/fp_main.php?i...CH&arr=LGAV
EKCH - LGTS : http://www.euroutepro.com/fp/fp_main.php?i...CH&arr=LGTS (Attention: The second flightplan listed there is not correct!)
EKCH - LGRP : http://www.euroutepro.com/fp/fp_main.php?i...CH&arr=LGRP

Edit: Gents,

we have a a few late-additions to our suggested destinations/departures for today:

EKCH/EDDH : http://www.vatroute.net/web_showfp.php?dep...ddh&start=1
EKCH/EDDS : http://www.vatroute.net/web_showfp.php?dep...dds&start=1
EKCH/EGLL (Heathrow): Get your route here
EKCH/EGNX (East Midlands): Get your route here

Have fun!

Martin Georg:

thursday is coming up again, and again you will have the opportunity of being provided with VoiceATIS for Kastrup. Tune 122.750 and listen to the latest METAR, runway information, transition level and much more. Please note that Arrival positions and Ground are expecting you to report the actual identifier on first contact (to confirm that you have received and understood the information).

Looking at Servinfoīs booking I can see again a bunch of nice opportunities for flying. In Germany, the following positions are open:

EDDH Hamburg: http://www.vatroute.net/web_showfp.php?dep=ekch&dest=eddh&start=1
EDDB Berlin/Schoenefeld: http://www.vatroute.net/web_showfp.php?dep=ekch&dest=eddb&start=1

In addition, EDDS Stuttgart should be regularily staffed as well: http://www.vatroute.net/web_showfp.php?dep=ekch&dest=edds&start=1

Looking at other countries, EGGW Luton or EGCC Manchester may be worth a visit as well as our own ESSA or EPWA Warszawa in Poland. Check out the flightplans at EURoutePro here: http://www.euroutepro.com/fp/fp_main.php?site=se

See you tomorrow at Copenhagen!

Martin Georg:

just a reminder for this weekīs EKCH thursday. Once again we will feature the higly appraised "Voice ATIS" function on frequency 122.750 . Check the above suggestions for some nice routings for that evening.

Seeya on thursday at Copenhagen! 


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