[FS2004] Iceland 2005 scenery



I downloaded some months ago the scenery "Iceland 2005", but it didnīt work.
I gave it today one more try, but didnīt work again.

Everytime, after some seconds, or at least when I activate the GPS, the FS crashes and closes the programe.
Any other sceneries of Iceland are uninstalled.

What is the problem?

Hi Gerhard,

Could it be that you have double (custom) afcad files for your iceland scenery?  FS is notorious  for crashing when for a certain scenery more afcads are active. So scan your FS and addon scenery folders for double afcads and deactivate one not belonging to Iceland 2005 if you find doubles. You can use ScanAFD for this task. you'll find it here: http://www.nwlink.com/~erog/

Good luck,


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