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Author Topic: non-ILS approaches  (Read 1331 times)
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non-ILS approaches
« on: 05.03.07, 11:43 »

Hello all

I have a slight problem with landings in MSFS2K2. There are some airports (like Sochi and Inverness) that have no ILS systems present. This is fine with every other plane apart from anything AI Aardvark.

I do a visual approach (vis to 20 miles) to the airport and do it that way. This works very well in a Cessna C150 and even a POSKY 747-400.

The AI Aardvark planes all act like they have very low hydraulic fluid levels  and it takes a long time to get it into a turn and out of a turn again.

Is there anything I can do with the Aardvark planes to get them to fly like a normal MSFS plane (i.e. not take ages to enter and exit a turn)? If I cannot modify the Aardvark plane, how can I do a non-ILS approach well.

It is very, very, very annoying to have completed a long flight to have the thing go charging across the airport and bonk it's conk off the terminal. I went from London Heathrow to Sochi (Russia/Georgia border) and it took ages (around 5 hours). I did an overhead approach and fiddled around all over the city trying to get it remotely positioned to the airport. I then got it back towards the airport and had a fiasco again. A flight that originally should have taken 5 hours took 6 hours. 40 of those minutes involved flying around trying to get back to the airport. A further 15 of those minutes involved trying to point it down the runway. The remaining minutes involved charging merrily along the grass towards the terminal looking like an elaborate out-of-control combine harvester painted in El Al colours. Much to my anger, I struggled with the controls and saw the chuff end of an A320 getting closer and closer until the inevitable occured.

The sensitivity of the controls is up so high. It can be very, very, very challenging to keep a Cessna C150 up the right way (i.e. so that the blue is on the up side of the AI and the brown on the down side of the AI). What puts a Cessna upside down and sideways causes a 20 degree AOB in an Aardvarkk 747.
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Re: non-ILS approaches
« Reply #1 on: 05.03.07, 13:47 »

Hi Dave,

Unless I'm mistaken, the models from AI Aardvark are only for AI use - not intended to be flown by you! For this reason their flight dynamics are going to be simply awful when you try and control them...
I suggest you look for different aircraft to fly either in the file library here or on avsim.com - there are plenty of excellent freeware FS2002 aricraft out there so you're certain to find something to your taste.
Btw, Inverness does have an ILS approach on Runway 05 in real life (55deg on I-LN 108.50) but this is not present on the default FS airport - you have to add it with AFCAD.


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Re: non-ILS approaches
« Reply #2 on: 05.03.07, 21:08 »

Sorry to be annoying  Cry

I set the GPS display (shift + 3) to 10 miles and if I approach the airport at the right angle with a "clean" display (that does not mean that I cover the Gwen Stefani picutes  laugh but that I set the display so that there are no VOR, NDB, intersections, etc) I can see the runway (the pink lines). I can then work around it that way without too much trouble.

After signing off, I thought why not try again and it worked. I do apologise once again.

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