opening the doors on Saturday 17th of March!



after about 5 months of planning, 3-4 months of webdesign and coding, is opening the doors on Saturday 17th of March at 00:00 GMT +1  (CET)!

We are based on the nordic mytravelairways, and with lot's of information, been sent from mytravel, we think we are ready to open!

We hope people out there are ready to join us, and fly some charter to all over the world! From Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki (LARGE hub!) and Oslo!

For those who dosn't have any experience with the Airbus, we have our own training department, where you can get an instructor to guide you through the advanced Airbus A321/A330! Welcome!

Great! Looking forward to the grand opening!

I have been looking for a good MyTravel VA for a while now, and this one seemes to have some potential. 

Mikael Mattsson


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