Free fsx downloads someplace?

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Hi, I have found it more interresed to fly on fsx when I fly bigger aircraft and not general aviation but I dont fin any free addons web sites for fsx do u know abaout someone??? Id like some addon scenery in fsx if u know abaout a website that is whery good and if u know abaout a website witch have addon scenery for norway in fsx that have been WHERY WHERY WHERY great !!!!!!!!!!! It starting to get me crazy that I always have to pay for addons I wannt free fsx addons  so please help me and come up with some sites because than I can relax and be happy again 

Tatu: as usual. They have the most of the stuff in their File Library.

But... I don't think there are many sceneries for FSX yet.

There are many good freeware sites, but i think AVSIM is the biggest one, but you have to register into the Library before you can download some Flight Simulator stuff.

Edit: I'm late again....


thx  gonna check that out...



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