is it possible to set down quality on screenshot?

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Hi, I love taking screenshots from my flight in fs9 but when Im gonna post them theyr always to big araound 2,25 MB  any idea how I can set them to  a lower quality or at least SOMETHING do do them to smaller size some help with that could be nice 


Irfanview is very nice for that With that you can adjust the quality and resize pics etc. and also it's very easy to use! 

thx i downloaded programm and.... ITS A GREAT PROGRAMM  gonna publish screenshot from one of my next flights soon 

The best program to edit photos and screnshots is Photosop. Try free Photoshop Elements, is very good too  You decrease your screenshots quality with that too.


You decrease your screenshots quality with that too.

Hmmm... I don't think anyone would like to decrease the quality of their screenshots.

I guess you just got confused and you really meant increase. We all do mistakes.


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