Virtual NATO


Espen Furfjord:

Espen Furfjord:
"Next generation" VA

Virtual NATO

-Automated aircraft maintenance system (System know when its "check-time" but pilots deliver the aircrafts at service-bases.
-Visual designed website
-Flexible aircrafts systems
-Own military Radar-positions (VATSIM) Own ratings. So you don't actually need to fly planes if you like radar-contolling better.
-Flexible routing system.
-Aircraft Departing/movement/arrive is registered and the plane is found at that arrival airport untill the pilot or another pilot fly the plane out form there.
-All 45 aircrafts we got has own tailnr and therefor is possible to find it back at airports around the world. This give pilots possibility to have their favorite plane .. but ofcorse they don't own it.. Others can use it after it landed/checked inn.
-Emergency landings on other airport than planned is also registered.
-Missions: Cargo, Pax, AEW/AWACS, Radar-crew, Special operations and so on.

This is some of the ways we try to make a new age VA.

Espen Furfjord:
Thank you Sampo.   You and everyone intrested of this is welcome to join. None pilots have to live in a real NATO countries to join in.
Especially you people from Suomi or Sweden that has your close connections and work together with real NATO.
In these days with a jungel of VA's I hope people find us.

I like to reply a message that drop into our forum today from a pilot.  And NO!! We did not pay him to say that!!
We are happy about what he say and hope every other pilots share this opinion or find it nice to be with us.

Hello everyone! Now i am the first pilot for Virtual NATO except for staff and beta testers, and here i will say a bit about what i think about this VA:
I have been a member in the most virtual airlines, Virtual UPS, Virtual British Airways and so on, and every new VA i have joined have been a little bit better or a little bit badder. But this one here i must say is the best Virtual Airline i have ever joined! The realism is ultimate here! And i believe it is the interactivity which does the kick, you have to click on the pictures where you want to go, when you want to change your personal information you can go to Brussels and click on the Administration door to change your Personal information. To get to the fleet pages which you normally just click on in the normal header, here you have to go to Geilenkirchen and click on the hangar . This is so much more real and more fun. Also when you normally gather the pre flight information, you read it on a text page, but here you have to click your way to the briefing room and here you can click on each computer to get to either routefinder, naviagraph and then the main briefing computer. This makes it so much more real. And when you want to read the rules and regulations or other information, you have to click your way to it via the Office, then go the book closet and select the correct perm. so much more fun! I hope other people share my opinions. And also i think it is amazing that the Staff have done this for so long. I think this must be the most realistic and most complex VA ever! 5 years on development wow that must be a new record i think! This will be the virtual airline i will fly most for!


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