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Author Topic: FISD: Request for support: EVRV 0.9 runway/apron not showing  (Read 1433 times)
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FISD: Request for support: EVRV 0.9 runway/apron not showing
« on: 02.04.07, 15:13 »

I've installed EVRV 0.9 in FS9.1. I've also installed the latest Finclass/Finterrain/Finmesh. However for some reason the runway and apron do not show up. But from a certain height the runway and apron do show up, but when you approach the runway disappears again. What am I doing wrong?

I've emailed the original author Marco Lipponen but he referred me to this forum as he's not very involved anymore in FS design.

So if any of the scenery guru's of FISD or elsewhere might give a hint it's much appreciated as I like the FISD scenery's still very much.
I attach two screenshots, one with the disappearing runway and one with the order of my scenery library in FS9.1
[ attachment removed ]
NB: While on the ground the runway isn't visible anymore. This screenshot is taken during approach.

[ attachment removed ]
NB: that I added the newest AF2_EFRV.bgl to FINN_AFCADS. Also note that EFRV is almost at top end of my scenery library.

Best Regards,
Rob de Vries
The Netherlands

Former member
Re: FISD: Request for support: EVRV 0.9 runway/apron not showing
« Reply #1 on: 02.04.07, 21:13 »

Hi, Vries... I dont think u do enything wrong. If u had I will normally thought that the default airport has higer priority than the addon but on u screenshot it seems like it all where alright. I think its the scenery-designer witch have do a mistake here becaus this do happend to my scenery witch a friend made of a really not real airport (I just find I nice spot I think it have been nice with a airport on  Tongue) and he sent me a fix and after that it worked.
have u tryed to finish u approach and get where close and see if it shoes up again like 100 feet from there it should show up?Huh But If nowone else on this forum has a better idea of what can be wrong than u should try to reinstall the scenery this can work  sometimes. Hope u can figure out a solution for u problem  Wink Nothing is like a good addon and not just that boring default scenery from americans so do think they know how it is here in scandinavia  Huh  Wink Wink
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Re: FISD: Request for support: EVRV 0.9 runway/apron not showing
« Reply #2 on: 03.04.07, 12:27 »

Hi Kristoffer,

Thanks for answering. Of course I did a reinstall. But without the desired effect. In fact I installed this particular scenery before without any problems. However I had to do a complete reinstall of FS9 along the way and I also reinstalled all my Finland sceneries and that it when I noticed that the runway wasn't visible. That's what's makes it strange!

The screenshot I took with the approach is purely for illustrative purpose. When standing on the apron or on the runway, the runway/apron  (textures) are not visible.  When slewing to a certain height, the apron/runway becomes visible.

I contacted the developer (Marko Lipponen) but he resigned from developing so he could not help me. I also send an email to the FISD emailadres but never got an answer, so I hope that a (FISD) developer sees my message and is able to help.

BTW I'm glad the 'americans'  made it possible for us to fly in the entire world and build our own accurate addon airports  Wink

Thanks again Kristoffer for your suggestions  thmbup
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