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Hello FISD memebers, Tatu,

I have the beautiful FISD rendition of Rovaniemi v4. However after installing the scenery and adding it to the scenery database and updating FSNAV's database I saw that there seem to be three ILS frequencies?

rwy 3 : ILS/GS/DME  111.70 course 27 (AF2_EFRO.bgl)
rwy 21: ILS/GS/DME 111.70 course 207 (AF2_EFRO.bgl)
rwy 21: ILS/GS         109.10 course 208 (AP954080.bgl) 

And for some strange reason when approaching rwy 3  I cannot receive glideslope information moreover it seems that I receive backcourse information (see screenshot where the VOR/CDI is pointed to the left instead of the right, with regard to the airplanes deviation ).

When approaching rwy 21 with  ILS/GS 109.10 course 208 I receive nothing (no GS, no ILS). However rwy 21: ILS/GS/DME 111.70 course 207 works like a charm

Am I doing something wrong or is it a AFCAD problem?

Thanks in advance,
Rob de Vries
The Netherlands

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As it appears in FSNAV. See the double ILS/LOC info rwy3?

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CDI receives back course info?

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There is no ILS for rwy 03.

Also the original 4.0 scenery had wrong ILS freq and the 4.1 update fixes it. Make sure you got the update and latest charts.

Thanks for answering. I have the latest update (incl new tower). However why are there two frequecies in the scenery?
Is that because of the 'wrong' frequency info from AP954080.bgl (rwy 21: ILS/GS 109.10 course 208)

Thank you very much for your help,

PS sorry for the shouting

The addon scenery-afcads do not delete the original navigation information that MS provides with the game. The new AFCAD overrides the default settings and that is what the scenery uses as well.

Rovaniemi changed the ILS frequency not long ago and that's why the original MS frequency is wrong and that is also the reason you can see 2 different frequencies for the ILS for rwy 21. AP954080.bgl is the default bgl file that has all the navigation information for Rovaniemi but when the FISD scenery is installed with the AFCAD update the simulator doesn't use the default information except for marker beacons.

111.70 is the correct frequency and that is for ILS rwy 21. There is no backcourse or LOC/GS (ILS) for runway 03 as Sami already wrote.

If FSNAV reads all available bgl files and does not understand that addon afcads should override the default settings then that is the problem with the FSNAV software. Also, it should not show any localizer information for runway 03 because there is none so FSNAV just shows you imaginery approach for the rwy 03.

I hope this clears everything regarding the approach. I recommend the charts that you can get from (just click the yellow C symbol on in the site), those are real life procedures for Rovaniemi and can be used in the sim as well. 

Hi Tatu,

Thank you very much for your elaborate answer. That explains it all. I will follow your advice regarding

Thanks again,
Rob de Vries


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