Air Contractors Virtual l Now Accepting Pilots l Join form back online



We're very pleased to announce to everyone that after months of our joining form being down, it is now back online and we are now accepting pilot applications once again. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused with the problems associated with our joining form being down, however, those interested in joining Air Contractors Virtual will now be able to do so, and over the past few months several features have been added to our website, further enhancing realism, and interactivity between pilots.

For anyone who has only just heard of us and you're still not convinced to join us, here are 10 reasons why you should:

- Fly any aircraft ranging from ATR to the Airbus A300
- Fly from any airport from over 10 countries across Europe
- Get paid for your flights with our virtual pilot pay system
- Fly assignments using our ACARS software
- Access information for all airports we operate at, including available charts, scenery, ATC frequencies and more
- Download aircraft packages for our fleet
- Take part in monthly events between airports across Europe
- Access routes for all flights
- Interact with other members both through the forum, and through the Pilot's Lounge
- And for any gaelgoirs out there, you can view our website as Gaeilge(in Irish)

Come and join Ireland's best virtual airline -


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