747-400 problem or is it?


Hey all,
Just wanted to know is it normal for the 747-400 when at cruising altitude to have about 3 degrees nose piched up? Is it possible to have such a plane fly
level? I enjoy flying poskys 747-400s but not sure why its nose is piching a least 3 degrees up does the 747 fly like this in real life?


I would say yes,
Depending on your speed you need more or less nose up to fly level, and your 3dgr sound normal to me.

During descent you sometimes fly with 0dgr pitch, again depending on speed, but then you are loosing alt 

No worries, keep on flying !


Mikko J Virtanen:
Anders is correct ofcourse. With a big aircraft, lots of cargo and fuel and when altitude is high, the nose will pitch up quite "radically" when comparing to smaller planes. And ofcourse if your speed is too low, the aircraft will pitch up more to maintain the altitude and this can cause a stall.

If you think that the pitch is way too up, then you may want to decrease the amount of fuel (you shouldn't fly with fueltanks FULL with aircraft FULL of cargo/pax), increase the speed (on higher altitudes like FL380 a 747 will cruise propably at ~0,84 - 0,86 machs), or if you are flying with a heavily loaded aircraft (like 747 from London to Tokyo) you should use step climb instead of climbing straight to high altitudes. You could start for example climbing to FL300 and after you are a bit lighter, you could climb to FL320 or so. It may take even hours to be ready to climb to FL380 - FL410. If your nose goes too high, then you have climbed too fast.

Yes, the 747-400 in cruise at a typical altitude, say FL 300 to FL370 will fly with an attitude of 2.5 to 3 degrees pitch up.
Again, the faster the speed, the lower the attitude, but not less than 2 degrees up.
On descent it will more or less fly with the nose on the horizon, depending on speed.
For the approach, it depends on the speed weight and flaps. With flaps 10 the normal attitude is 10 degrees pitch up
On final approach, the attitude is about 1 to 1.5 with flaps 30, and 2 to 2.5 with flaps 25.
Any other questions about the 747-400, please feel free to ask

I faced same problem too yesterday. I were flying from London to Soekarno-Hatta with B757-400, and pitch was little up, and i aren't happy becouse of it, it does same with B737-200 for example. So what could be the problem?


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