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Author Topic: pc problems  (Read 1340 times)
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pc problems
« on: 11.04.07, 14:32 »


I think that my computer (desktop) power supply fan is not working very well. The computer suddenly turned off and the green light at the back that shows that there is power going into the circits went off. I felt the power box (after opening the case) and noted it was very hot.

I think that the fan is wearing out (the PC is four years old but the new one doesn't work properly) as there is less of a wind from it. I have a desk fan put in the case to blow.

What do I do (the fan is enclosed inside the box so I cannot just replace it). Do I need a new power box (the thing where the wall lead goes into).

I have installed a desk fan in the case and I have moved the box so there is a draught around it so the CPU fan will suck in a draught to cool everything down. I have removed the DVD player cover panel to allow a draught and the case is off and it seems to be fine. When the computer is not used, when I go to bed or out, I will put the case on. My fan is battery operated and I am paranoid about the batteries running out sometime. It is off right now and the draught seems to be sufficient enough.

One of the blades broke off the CPU fan after it savaged my finger and it now sounds like a Cessna 172 Skyhawk.

What is anybody's advice? Should I keep the fan and draught system, somehow replace the fan, or repalce the power box? How much will it cost?

Thank you. Dave
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Re: pc problems
« Reply #1 on: 19.04.07, 18:25 »

Well, exchange the power supply is the only choose really.  My guess is that if your power suply does get to hot you would have problems with the condensators in the there.  PC powers are hard to repare, so it is easyer and cheaper to replace the power  with a new one.  Grab a 400-500W Nexus from your local computer store. 
As for your CPU Fan, that needs to be replaced and fast!  Your system won't like the overheating.

AS for price...  Good powersupply is around 80€ and a good CPU coolers go from 30-60€  so 100-150€
Geoff Cooper
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Re: pc problems
« Reply #2 on: 20.04.07, 12:59 »

Snorri is right, replacement is certainly the easiest and (in the long run) cheapest option for power supplies. How did you manage to stick your finger into the CPU fan hard enough to break a blade!?!? Depends on what type of processor you have but changing the cooler should be easy and you'll find plenty of info and explanations (with pictures) on the net.
If you're buying the stuff in the UK I'd go for www.novatech.co.uk or www.dabs.com

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Re: pc problems
« Reply #3 on: 23.04.07, 15:32 »


The CPU fan breakage is a very interesting story. I put the fan onto the heat sink the wrong way around and the blades hit off of that. I thought that the power was off so I go poking a screwdriver around to flip the fan around and I suddenly hear a "wheeeeeeeee" and find the fan going ape (powered on).

I have a high-powered cooling system installed and wired up (it is controlled by a switch on the computer) and that really solves the problem. The CPU fan is running again so that is good. The power supply fan is kaput so I just have this very powerful fan blowing cold air onto it - just like on the laser printer. The problem is I often forget to turn it on.

Oh hang on, the power supply fan has just turned on again. It does that sometimes. Sometimes it comes on and sometimes it doesn't come on. If you give it a wee tap it sometimes works.

Anyway, thanks for the help.
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