Realtime Copenhagen | Söndag 2007-04-22 1600Z-2100Z

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Markus Kindlund:

      FlightOps is now open to receive your booking! We in VACCSCA ATC are on our side ready to repeat last years success with another Real Time event at EKCH (Copenhagen International Aiport in Denmark). The event will take place on April 22nd 16z-21z
      Link to Event information and booking site
      What makes this event special?
      Have you ever visitited Copenhagen Aiport on one of your flights? If so you will be familiar with the tight  layout of the airport allowing a very efficient flow of traffic in and out. If you havent, its about time! No long taxi routes - You will get your passengers to or from the gate fast and efficient. For you as a pilot it means that you better be well prepared when you push as the taxi time can be very short, even under heavy traffic loads. It is not for nothing that EKCH has been voted the best airport in its category again and again by travellers.
      What you can expect      Dense traffic from a diversity of companies! Most traffic at the time of the event is mainly medium size aircraft (MD80s, B737s, A321s), a number of props (DH8-4, ATR72s) mixed with a low number of heavies (A330, A340). EKCH does not accept A380s due to distance between taxiways, sorry. Departure typically from 22R or 04R. Landing typically on 22L or 04L with minimum speed restrictions on final due to traffic behind you.
      ATC the Danish way - Efficient and focused on getting you safe and fast through the Copenhagen FIR. This means that weather and traffic permitting you can expect Visual Approaches and Departures and short-cut routings. Weather permitting we usually manage to do without the use of the published holdings, even during events like this one.
      Flexible staffing of Copenhagen TMA, in order to accomodate the traffic. As a main hub in Scandinavia certain hours experience many arrivals and others many departures. We will accomodate this through assuring that staff is used most efficient, in order to give the pilots the best possible service.
      Staffing of Copenhagen CTR, and likewise the surrounding CTRs of at least Norway, Sweden and Germany.
      What do we expect of you?
      All levels of pilots from newcommers to old timers are welcome. Assure yourself a satisfying experience by being able to handle dense and efficient traffic situations, and fly efficiently. Copenhagen accepts bizz aircraft as well, but small props use EKRK located 20 nm SW of EKCH. It's best for both ATC and fellow pilots that you are prepared (have and know the airport charts and procedures (they are simple and logical). If you use FMS, assure it is updated. The recommended sceneries are good, and help you navigate the airport, and provide you an even very satisfying experience.
      If you are new to VATSIM we recommend you take a trial flight prior to the event. Again - All are welcome! ! !
      Last years statistics
      If you want to know what you can expect, and what we hope to exceed, below are links to statistics from last years event. This is in periods a steady flows of 20-25 arrivals per hour (one every 2:30-3:00 minuts) This throughput was acheived without the need to use the inbound holds available! We hope YOU will help us exceed these levels this year.
      For more information
      Event page: VACCSCA
      Hope to see you in the vicinity of EKCH on the 22nd.
          The Danish ATC team


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Är tiderna på bokningssidorna i Z? Känns lite konstigt att det finns med flighter klockan 22:00 Z om eventet slutar 21. Kanske är för att man ska kunna fortsätta eller?


Är tiderna på bokningssidorna i Z? Känns lite konstigt att det finns med flighter klockan 22:00 Z om eventet slutar 21. Kanske är för att man ska kunna fortsätta eller?

April 22nd 16z-21z


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