Atlantic Crossing 29/4

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The IVAO Great Britain Division, with the help of Samy Greve, is once again organizing an "Atlantic Crossing" Event on Sunday 29th April.

The Departure slot is between 08:30Z and 10:00Z from London Gatwick, EGKK. You can expect FULL ATC COVERAGE from block to block, including Gatwick Delivery, OCEANIC ATC (Shanwick and Gander Radios) and Newark Ground.

If you would like to participate as a Controller, visit the Division's Forums or contact the Divisions Event Staff.

All detailed Information can be found on the Events page below, including info on Oceanic Procedures, which are MANDATORY for all Pilots. Info on these Procedures also on the Event page!

Don't forget to check back for the Routing on the actual day! It will be posted here and on the Event page.

The Event Page is available here:

Åå vad jag har längtat och nu är det äntligen dags! 

Planerar att flyga COA29 med ETD 09:00 

Blir inget för mig, plugg och att lära sig RFP 742an står högre på listan

Hur gick det då? såg att flera från FSN online


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