Exam C1 Insbruck


Here goes my shots : flight charter special to exam C1 at Insbruck in Ivao net
Company Clickair, my prefered Vat to Spain
I want you like those impresive photos.

Climbing from El Prat - Barcelona (LEBL)

Over Rattemberg

Initial descending on loc 26 Insbruck after clerance ATC in approach

Minimums- after offset rwy 26, clr for take off by Atc in tower

Parked ! Great Job, always Insbruck are worthing

Clicks mouse right to opem image in new image full size

Wellcome to the forum! The quality of your pictures would be better if your computer works with better settings. Otherwise I liked your pictures and Insbruck is very interesting airport. You are little bit too left and high on final but I quess it was happy landing, becouse your plane is not damaged  .

P.S. You can paste your pictures here in FSNordic without "Image Shack" or anything. 

I like that Clickair livery!  Shame they don't have B737s irl 


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