AFCAD's for Swedish military bases

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Any around around?
Or even better any scenery?

I need a home for an AI (non-flyable) JAS-39 Gripen I am doing (LOD 1 - 6500 polys - is finished and being tested)

Wow ! That looks good 

About the Swe airbases, I don't think there are much available 
We are not allowed to recreate the Swe military installations in any way I think..
No pics, no scenery, no AFCADS...

The last couple of years the military has abandoned a lot of bases, but I don't know
of any scenery of bases where there has been any Gripens...



I guess we'll have to come up with our own.

I read they are based at only 3 locations.

Latest version on an OLD machine gets 25+fps with 21 AI Gripens on the ramp .

JAS 39 are located at this places:
ESPA Kallax
ESDF Ronneby
ESIB Såtenäs

But the military are also using other airports out in the bush.
Even sometimes public roads!

Kevin, did you receive my PM?

At least ESPA is available as an addon scenery.


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