FFG still a 'keeper'...



I'm a simmer who has settled on FS2002 as my sim of choice simply because it runs the best.  I also have FS2004, and it does have some nicer eye candy, but I refuse to go back to constantly 'tweaking the slide show', to enjoy flight simulation.  I uninstalled it, put it on the shelf and have not looked at it since.  With all the flap I read about FSX, forget it.

Anyway, on to the real reason for my post... FFG aircraft.  I was weeding out some of my older aircraft and came across the FFG 737NG series and realized I had not even looked at them for a long time.  I put them into the aircraft folder and found that the level of detail on them is still better than some of today's payware models.  File size is fine for good frame rates and they fly great in FS2002.

Thanks, FFG for your contributions to this great hobby.


Nice to see someone else still flying the good old FS2002. By the way, did you notice that the old website of FFG is still present? You can access it here: http://www.avsim.net/ffg/

All of the downloads they've got there are available in Avsim.

Yes, thank you, I still had them in my 'favorites' and will check them out to see what other goodies they have now.



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