error in the piper tripacer addon for fs9 ????!


Hi, I have come to some problems with a addon I downloaded for some months ago I never figure out the problem so now it`s time to ask here!
Its a "VC+-addon" witch means that it only have a VC cockpit and its superealeistick !!! I can open the hood do walkaraounds and stuff with the help of these "hot spots"... Here comes the poblem: All the hotspots inside the plane are working good I can click on the passenger-seat to add cargo/passengers and click on the cd-player aso . .. . But nowone of the hotsptos outside the airplane are working like opening engine cover(I dont know the name in english"
to full up with oil and inspec the engine or I can click on the fuel-tank under the wing to fuel the plane or drain tanks!!!!!! On the otherside I can do it with pressing shift-E-2  but that isn`t fun because the tought that something in this addon is not working drives me crazy!!!!!

can someone understand the problem? can u help me ?

[/center]MVH kristoffer[center]

Never mind I`v now found the prob, I have to use virtual cocpit wiev if the hotspots in V+ in my piper tripacer should work



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