MIDI fiasco


Hello everybody

Due to a problem wiht the computer i now have to use headphones to listen to music. The best music is midi (its free and small) but the computer insists that I must suffer permament deafness. Try standing with your ear 2 cm away from a Jestream. Jestreams are the loudest and most deafening things in the world. It feels like that there is a Jestream with engines that happen to sound suspiciously like a flute and tin whistle.

Deafness will put an end to my musical abilites and my flying. To be able to speak to anybody, I have to shout at the top of my vocie to hear myself.

How do I permamently sort the SW Synth volume controls? Every time I try to change the wmp vol levels, it interferes with this SW synth box. There is less interference with things if you let your mother in law into your house 


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