KSAV to KMCO ATR 72 feeder trip


I doubt FED EX would run a feeder like this but I was in a hurray to try out ASX/AGX on a workng flight to see if it was bug free..(an issue/conflict had appeared between AGX and the ATR release for FSX).... IT WAS  great quick fix and customer support from both partys.

Departure from KSAV in reasonable conditions after setting up the route in AGX.. Just a slight Haze on the ground and scattered "dusty stuff" above..

36L was given by Ground for departure and a very quite Savannah allowed for a quick departure followed by an immediate turn back to the South..

The ATR sytems behaved as expected all the way through the flight thanks to the temporary gauge fix issued this morning .. Great News.. and good solid fps the whole journey with the esc esc trick only having to be used after cycling through too many view options. (Is this an fsx fault not unloading textures?)

The weather however began to lightly build along the coast in typical Floridian Summer style

This meant a change of plan as the programmed arrival into 17L was changed to 35R, a quick bit of negotiating with approach gave me 36L though, right next to the FedEX ramp

Exit was achieved at E then it was time to join the Big Brothers on the ramp

Add ons as mentioned are Active Sky x with the Graphics package? Fllight 1s ATR 72-500 and Cloud 9s Orlando.. AI is WOAI

Very nice and clear shots


I also like to fly FedEx Feeder -flights, but with Caravan, and also in Florida. As Serdar sayd already said, very clear shots 

EDIT_ Here is one shot from me, hope you Dan doesnt mind that I put one of my own to this thread 
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Little promotion for FedEx 

Very nice shots you have take


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