FS2004 crashes when installed FinnClass, FinnTerrain and FISDLibrary

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Hi, i'm new here, and i think FSNordic ownz!

But i have a question about some addon stuff i installed for FS2004.
Before i installed FinnClass,FinnObjects FinnTerrain and FISDLibrary i could fly in South-Finland without any crashes or lock-ups.
But now when i installed them, i fly for a few minutes and then the game crashes.
Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
And in what order should i install FinnClass, FinnTerrain, FinnObjects and FISDLibrary?

I hope anyone could help me!

Hi, and welcome!

Keep trying with these sceneries - it's well worth it! I have a couple of suggestions to start with:

(1) Have you installed correctly (check the readme files carefully) and in the right order - If I remember correctly you need to have Finnterrain above Finnclass and Finnobjects above both in the scenery library - I'm not 100% sure if the position of the FISDLibrary matters but I suspect not.

(2) There is a smoke effect in Finnobjects which can cause problems and should be removed - the file is in the effects folder and is called Finnmast_smoke3.fx or fx_finnmastsmoke3.fx or something similar - just rename the file extension to xx or something and that problem will be solved.

(3) You should add Finnmesh to your installation - it won't stop the crashed but it will make the sim look better when it is working!

Try these two and if they don;t help post again with more details: where, what season, what time of day and most importantly what type of crash: blue screen, black screen with error message, lock up or straight to desktop?


Hi Geoff, thanks for the reply, unfortunately it didn't solve the problem.
It occurs on any season, any time of the day, and fs2004 closes and goes straight to the desktop when it happens.
I am using windows XP
Is there any fs2004 "log" where i can see what it causes? A texture or corrupt file or something..
Thanks for your help!

Nobody know's a solution to this? Would really like to fly in Finland!

Ok. So now it's time for a little testing to find your problem - choose an airport where you currently get this problem 100% of the time and then:

(1) Disable the new sceneries and try to fly.

(2) If that is ok then enable only the FiSD Library and try again

(3) If this works, disable the FiSD Library and enable FinnObjects and try flying again

(4) If this works still then the problem was probably Finnclass / Finnterrain (which must be present together) but test them anyway

After these tests you should know what is causing the problem - uninstall that scenery completely and reinstall it. Check the FSNordic file library to see if there are any updates or patches and make sure you install them in the right order... Now test again and see if it is working!

All this testing is a real pain in the backside but it does usually tell you where the problem is! If you still have problems post again and include a screengrab of the relevant part of your scenery library.

Good Luck!



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