VHHH2005b scenery problems


After installing Thomas Kwongs nice VHHH scenery (AVSIM, vhhh2005b.zip)I had a near death expeience while flying into the 07R RWY !

On short final the ILSinstruments got crazy and banked the acft hard left while descending 

After this close call and going around I rechecked my radiosettings etc. but found nothing wrong with the acft...

When looking in "Map-mode" in FS and zooming in on VHHH I saw that there was another 07R ILS going into the
water to the NW of the airport, and I think there was an 25R ILS there as well !

Found this at AVSIM forums
As I understand it it's not an AF2-file probelm but lies in som other file !???

My question is if there is a fix to it nowdays (that I can't find) or will my apps to VHHH be this
exiting allways 



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