New addon for a New member!!!


And my newest addon is the 767-300ER from Level-D. Those who speak to me reguarly on MSN know just how much i enjoy this aircraft!!!

Anyway, here are my latest shots. Sorry in the reduction of quality, had a problem with the type of pic last time[V] Hope you enjoy. This is just a simple 1/2 circuit at FLL.

Preparing for takeoff at RWY31 at FT Lauderdale, This is Delta's new Paintscheme for 2007.

Flaps at 05 for takeoff

Rotate on the runway we are about to land on!

Pulling away from 31

On "base" leg

Runway in sight

Nice smooth TD. Dead on target!

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed!! Comments all welcome

ChRI$ £

Nice pics! But, put littlebit anti-aliasing from your videocard settings, it makes your sim looking good. And next time, take "parking brakes on" -text off, it doesn“t look good in pics. And... did you have default scaenery? If you have default scenery, check these pages out:

I wish you understunt my poor english.


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