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hi...i just signed up today and i am trying to download a 777 manual.when i click on download i get an authentication message. i put in my username and password and it asks again for it.  and again and again...what am i doing wrong..thanks in advance for any help  rgds ken

Hey there, and welcome!

Maby you could give us some more info. Like, where are you trying to download from? A little more info aboute what is going wrong, I kinda did'nt get it.

Again welcome!
Mikael Mattsson

hi..thanks for the fast reply...looking forward  to the website....i am trying to download a boeing 777-300 manual...i go to file library,....go to flt simulator....go to checklists....boeing...then scroll down to boeing 777-300...i click on download...i get the download..then this little box comes up is in an authentication required is asking for a user name and password...i put mine in and clikc on disappears for a second then comes right wont let me download the file....thanks for any help   rgds ken

Hey again.

Hm.. Did I get it right that you are trying to download the 777-300 checklist from our file library here on FSN? If thats so its very strange, you shouldnt get a "Please log in" message.
What browser are you using?

internet you know why i am getting the authentication i say i just joined today..rgds ken


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