My First FSNordic Post


Hello to everyone. I'm new to this forum and I'm here, because of a recommendation from another user in another place, as I have been searching for some more interesting terrain in which, to fly. Around the beautiful Fjiorland and mountains in your part of the world sounded precisely what I'm looking for. My Country, (Australia) has some nice areas, too but the things you call 'hills', we call 'mountains', here (highest point in Australia is 4000 or so, feet). This Continent is so ancient it's been worn away. Australia is also, Vast. The same size as the continental USA and only 20 million of us. So the other advantage, for me, will be flying some smaller aircraft on some shorter routes.

I'm going to need some help with downloaded files, as I have never broached the installation of scenery and related files. All the add-on scenery I have is payware and restricted to a few US Airports. I have also installed the spectacular, VOZ freeware scenery. Many of you would probably be familiar with it but VOZ comes with its own installers and is confined to this Continent. Again, Hello and I'll be asking some Noob questions after downloading from your file library.


Hi Jon, and welcome to a nice forum and to flying in scandinavia.

There are some really nice scenerys to download, and the first one I must recommend
is the "Norway airports" which includes lots of large and small apts all around.....Norway
The approaches can be demanding and lots of fun !

Regarding installing scenery and mesh, I'm sure there are a lot of tutorials out there.
I haven't checked but there might be a few here at FSN as well.
Otherwise, fire away with the questions and we'll try to help.

I don't know if you fly offline or VATSIM or IVAO, but I also recommend a visit to their
scandinavian homepages for some info on procedures and other stuff.



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