black aircraft pix on fs2004


hi..anyone know how to make a downloaded aircraft appear and spin around in the box...after you load fs 2004..i have 6 or 7 aircraft that when i open the program their picture is black..thanks and rgds ken

Dear Mr Hanson,

I would try "maxing the graphics" on your PC. I found this happened to me with a Mike Stone BA 757-200. I "maxed it out" by turning on mips, T&L, etc. This sometimes works. Turn every performance enhancement slider/box on and reduce one and see the effect. Do this for the others and see if it will work with say mips on but t&l disabled.

Sometimes, if the plane is complex and your spec low to medium, it can sometimes turn black. This mostly happens with large things like POSKY and PSS things.

Hope this helps.

PS: Is it FS2K2 with an FS9 plane in it? This sometimes happens as FS9 and FS2k2 aircraft are technically not mean to work together.

Kind regards,

D S Ramsay

Forget I said anything about FS2K2. I didn't read the title properly 



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