My first transatlantic


Hello everybody,

I downloaded a Virgin 747-400 a while ago (2 years ago!) and I have [/b][/u]never[b][u] flow transatlantic before. I think that it's time to be a devil and go transat.

I am planning to go from LHR to JFK (traditional cliched route) but it seems to take me into France (the Microsoft planner suite in FS2K2).

I am looking for Transatlantic pilots (doesn't need to be LHR - JFk) to tell me what to expect, the time it will take, routes I will be using, NYC approaches, flight levels to be used, and the general Transat experience.

My last long-haul was from Sochi (Russia) to Sakhalin (Russia/Japan). That was 10 hours long in a POSKY 747-100 Aeroflot CCCP colourscheme.

I have my LHR --> JFK route printed out and all I need now is some transat tips and then I'll be on my way over the ocean.


Hello Dave,

I am not very expert in transatlantic flights, I have flown only one transatlantic flight, with default B744. Here, you can find the route: And about flight level, I think it must be over FL300, but I am not so sure. And in Atlantic there is route points called NAT`s, if I remember that name right. Those route point´s change nearly every day, but some body who knows that better than me, can explane it. So, I cant help better, but I wish you best luck for your flight, and be sure that you take enough fuel,


Hi !

No expert here either, but I can point you in the right direction 

If you want to read more about NATS (North Atlantic Track System) got to
There you can find both the static routes and the ones that are valid today (or the day you look...) and alot of other
interesting info.

For routes go to EUroutepro and just fill in EGLL and KJFK and you shall find
If you want to go a little more realistic you can use the EUroutepro flightplan up to the atlantic and then use the days valid
NATS-route over the pond and then go back to the EUrotepro flightplan.

If you are going over online read the VATSIM / IVAO pages a little more to check what they want you to do in terms of
sending flightplans, checking in with control to get Oceanic Clearance prior to departure and more...

Good luck and I'm sure you'll have lot's of fun !


Thanks for replying. I checked out the site and got the info. All I need now is to put it into the computer and off I goes.

I feel like a real airline pilot (I am a real PPL student) with all the papers etc. I am glad that I got that Canon LaserShot LBP2900i from PC World (£69.99 at half price).

Thanks one again.




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