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Hi guys,

first of all i wanna tell you that your fs2004 sceneries are fantastic!!Thanks for that!

I have a question: i 've discovered that airports like Kittila Mariehamn and Ivalo have not published SIDs....
So how do they work in real life?? I think that the ACC gives a clearance to the aircraft depending on traffic situation..
i would like to know which kind of clearances are given to aircraft,if someone knows this.

thanks again!


I can only speak for EFMA since I live 3 km from the airport. First of all, the traffic at this airport is very light with just one airliner, Air Åland, doing flights to Stockholm and Helsinki with SAAB340B. As you noticed there are no SID's for EFMA and usually ATC just says left/right turn after take off and then the aircraft simply joins the airway (eg N873 if it flies to Helsinki).  Clearance is also usually given after startup and while the aircraft is taxiing via backtrack for lineup.

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