Problem with Tampere / EFTP only passenger gates !!

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I have installed the airport scenery EFTP2004
and also the FISD_library15.
There are only passenger gates and no buildings (see picture).

Who can help me ?
I'd like to fly in the beautiful Tampere Fotoscenery !

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I had this problem also, delete the rwy12 jetways-objects, you can find them by looking by "jetway" under addon scenery/scenery, or whatever you installed the rwy12-object libraries 

Hello Otto,
thank you very much for your help!
Now it works !

With the greatest of respect, this is not a true fix for the problem.

By deleting those files, you may be wrecking dozens of other sceneries that use those Rwy12 features.

I too would like to get Tampere running properly, but not by doing that. I note that the version number of the scenery suggests it is only a "beta" version, and that the files are dated 2004. The author instructs us to discuss problems here and not with him. Sadly, it would seem this project is dead - unless anyone knows better?

Perhaps in the future, if I can get enough data together, I may build a library-object replacement as a substitute.


Try this. The file goes to EFTP2004\Scenery folder.


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