Cimber Air texture


Hi fellow aviators!

I just bought the ATR 72-500 for FSX, but it doesn't come with a lot of different textures. I'm trying to get all the aircrafts flying from Copenhagen with their respective company texture.

So i'm seeking a texture for Cimber Air. If you know where to get it, please contact me.

I'm not sure about Cimber Air, but you can check this for about released textures. I think that some textures can be found from big simulator sites (, Simviation etc).

And if you dont find Chimber Air textures, you can make your very own textures with this:

Hi Pekko!

Yes - Flight1 is exactly where i bought the ATR 72-500 for FSX.

They did not have textures for Cimber Air, which is strange because Cimber Air is an established travel business.

However, AVSIM did have some useful textures

Sorry to say but it took only a few seconds to find these textures using google so here is the link

Happy flyings

Thanks to everyone for your kindness!

I have now found what I was seeking.


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