Nordic Air Group - 10 years on the net!


Nordic Air Group (NOR), Scandinavias and Baltic's oldest virtual airline had on the 4th of August 2007 been 10 years on the net.
NOR started not only as a virtual airline but also as the VATSIM's predecessors SATCO's first european divsion,
named SATCA. During the first year 1997-1998, SATCA was already split to SATEUR and SATSWE, the later continuing still for another year as a divsion of Nordic Air.
From 1999 the VA was transformed to a multi-airline group, and got in some years 50 airlines. Nordic Air Group was also the first to introduce a complete free choosing of airlines to fly with for the pilots. Nowadays Nordic Air Group has over 60 arlines, and many of them are historical airlines, which operates excatly as the airline did during a certain year. This reflects the policy of having current, historical and retro-historical arilines in the group, all togther with accurate fleet information, and fleet ussge plans, the later was NOR one of the first to introduce. Of 539 pilots who has joined NOR during the years, 286 are still members.
Nordic Air Group celebrates the occasion with a jubilee video which can be seen from NOr's main site
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With best fligtsimming regards,
Hans Peter von Knorring
CEO, Nordic Air Group


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