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does anyone know how to turn off the cold and dark..i need the airplanes running when i start..just about all my planes are  "cold and dark" and i dont know how to start fs2004..any help is appreciated..rgds  crtl + e..does not work

Take the original flight from FS disc 1 > (You can open this with program like WinZip, or with Window's own unzipping system) > flights > other > FLTSIM.FLT, then unzip it to the FS Root > Flights > other and overwrite. This should work, let me know if it doesnt 


thanks for your fairly new, i dont know how to find that file..i tried a search but no i put in the fs disc1?..any help is apprec..rgds ken

Ok, put the disc 1 in the CD-drive, then open My Computer and open the files from the DVD-drive-icon. Then find the and browse to the file as I earlier advised  If any other questions, dont be afraid to aks 

EDIT_ Oh-yea, I forgot to told, that unzip the FLTSIM.FLT to the sim root directory, it will find its path to the right place 

hi..i put in the fs1 disc, clicked on my computer clicked on the fs1 icon, the folders opened up, i found the cab1, clicked on it, and could not find a folder, checked out cab2, there are a lot of flights folders in there, but no single flight folder.....when i open up my fs2004 folder there is a flight folder there , i opened it up and clicked on it, found, other, then, then  found my default flight......didnt know what to do from there.....thanks rgds ..ken


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