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Dzendobre (polish for hello - or so I am told)

I do a lot of commuter flying (BAe 146-200s, 734s, A319s, and Dash 8s) and I notice that when I have done about two (e.g. Schiphol to Liverpool, Liverpool to Aberdeen) that after two landings I cannot land anymore without problems. I am wondering if anyone else has this problem and what I can do to solve it.


What kind of problems are you having? Do they relate to your simulator in common (happens on every aircraft) or just on those aircrafts?

Maybe you need a couple of caffine-tablets, or try what another captain did at Stockholm Arlanda
the other day, throw a couple of strong shots down your throat to steady your hands


I have the problem on any aircraft. I seem to have a problem landing it (it either ends up in the control tower or somewhere like the sea).

The shots sound like a good idea (I'm actually recovering from alcohol poisoning right now  after I drank too much on Saturday - oops!). It was lab alcohol as well - propan-1-ol (not isopropyl alcohol but proyl alcohol). This has twice the kick as ethanol so I passed out much quicker. The joys of chemistry  !



Not sure that's such a good idea drinking lab propan-1-ol. Ok, so there are studies (on rats and rabbits at least) that show than propan-1-ol consumption has a lesser effect on the liver than ethanol - I'm not sure exactly why but my guess is that higher aldehydes (produced by metabolisation of the alcohols) are less detrimental to your liver cells. Methanal (formaldehyde) is certainly far worse than ethanal which is why drinking mathanol will kill you! I don't know what you have in your labs but the problem I see is that in most cases (and certainly in my lab) all the lab alcohols are only reagent grade which means they contain more trace benzene, heavy metals (mostly lead) and other nasties than I would really be happy with. The only thing that is usually ok is medical grade ethanol - this stuff is really pure so it would be safe to drink if you really wanted to!


PS: Another problem: getting caught drinking these things or removing them from your work will land you in really deep trouble. Not only is it theft but also in many cases with alcohols there is a taxation / duty issue!


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