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Erittäin aktiivinen, 6-10 lentäjän ryhmä lentää joka keskiviikko 13.00 paikallista aikaa (hollannin?) about 2 tuntia käyden läpi 3 tai 4 paikallista kenttää, aloittaen aina siitä mihin edellisellä viikolla jäivät.
He aloittivat kiertelynsä Oslosta muutama kuukausi sitten ja ovat lennelleet Norjan rannikkoa pitkin pohjoiseen.

He saavuttavat viimeisen Norjalaisen kenttänsä 2 tai useamman viikon sisään. He suunnittelevat jatkavansa Skandien kierrostaan Suomeen.

Pyytäisivät Suomalaisia johtajia johtamaan heitä turvallisesti alas Suomessa. (Kunhan saapuvat Norjasta.)

Hi there,

We are a very active Dutch group of online (Ivao)VFR pilots. (www.Fsfan.nl) Our group of 6 to 10 pilots fly every wednesday at 13.00hours LT. for about 2 hours, passing three or four local airfields. Every week we continue where we arrived the week before. We started a few months ago in Oslo and flew North following the Norwegian coast and enjoying our beautiful addon-sceneries and mostly freeware Norwegian airfields. Sometimes we are even lucky to find an active IVAO-controller on the way.

We have reached ENAT/Alta last wednesday and wil be completing Norway in 2 more weeks. So we are planning to continue our Scandinavian-tour by flying Finland wich we found has over 35 standard airfields. Ofcourse we will try to find out wether there are suitable (freeware?)sceneries available for Fs9.

Could anybody advise us on this and would there be any scandinavian (VFR) controller who is willing to guide us safely through the Finnish VFR-skies?

Thank you for any advise.

Evert Vos (VFR-flights coordinator)>


Mitä kautta tuo maili sinulle tuli muuten?   Mutta pistätkö tuon vetäjän yhteystiedot minulle niin saan laitettua viestiä.


Mitä kautta tuo maili sinulle tuli muuten?   Mutta pistätkö tuon vetäjän yhteystiedot minulle niin saan laitettua viestiä.

Ihan tuli tuonne Online Flying foorumille IVAO Questions ketjuun: http://www.fsnordic.net/discussion/index.php/topic,54543.msg785421.html#msg785421

Hallo Jaakko,

Thank you for your reaction to our message.

Just for your information the following: We are looking for a friendly experienced (Scandinavian-Finnish) controller who is familiar with VFR procedures.

Most of our pilots are experienced Ivao/IFR-pilots - with 500 to 3000 hours logged Ivao-hours - who also like to enjoy VFR flying with a group of friends. (www.Fsfan.nl)

We fly online on the Ivao Network with Teamspeak communication.
We will send an official VFR Flightplan in the Ivapbox to inform the Ivao/controller of our intentions.
The ETD will be about 11.00 UTC.
We usually start up at the General Aviation platform with 5 to 10 pilots.
We will be using small aircraft like Cessna, Piper etc with a 100nm airspeed.
We fly with Fs9 + The Flight-One scenery of Europe. We also try to get freeware local airfield downloads.

Next wednesday we will start up 11.00 UTC at Alta/ENAT (Norway) and we will make a touch & go at Hasvik/ENHK and proceed to Hammerfest/ENHF for a fullstop/coffeebreak & norwegian cookies! (75nm)

After about 15 minutes we start-up again and fly to Banak/ENNA for another touch & go and proceed direct to our destination at Valan-airfield/ENHV.(the North-Cape) (105nm).

In two weeks time we will be in Kirkenes/ENKR and start our flight through Finnish Airspace.

Our flightplan is shown every week on our Fsfan-site. (www.fsfan.nl) under VFR flights.
I hope that somebody of your division can find the time to enjoy this adventure with us!

Thank you for your attention!

Greez,  Evert Vos (IVAO VID:152944)


Do you have already the flightplan for the Finnish airports?   Most of the smaller airports are uncontrolled so no ATC can be provided, but for the bigger airports we can arrange it.

For a full list of sceneries, see here: http://files.fsnordic.net/Flight_Simulator/Scenery/Finland/

Recommend to get the airport sceneries of course BUT ALSO especially the FinnClass, FinnTerrain and FinnMesh packages which are made to enhance VFR flights.

Charts are here: http://www.ais.fi/ais/eaip/en/


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