Nothing happens!

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Great panel but for some reason I cant push any buttons nothing happens. I have read the faq and pretty sure I have it installed correctly, its the version 4.o.2 verson. Thanks Mike

Ok its like there is layers over the buttons, I can slide some of the windows over and it will work

Ok I found on page 8 another problem like this but didnt see a solution, When I hit SHift 2 the guages turn off, but most things are then clickable, when I hit shift 3 the yoke goes away then I can click everthing.  I installed version ( ERJgrab4 ) then I installed ( ErjGrab4.01) and finally installed (ERJgrab402) any ideas. Thanks  Mike


If you go to the "Views\Instrument Panel" menu, you should see Main Panel, MFD, and Yoke Panel all checked.

If you want to remove the Yoke art, click on the "YOKE" pushbutton in bottom left side of the panel.


Thanks Bill great panel will check tonight. Thanks agian.


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