Bill Grabowski erj 4.02 panel


I just installed the ERJ package for FS2004 and as indicated by all the posts on this forum, there's a problem with the panel. Almost all the mouse click points and switches are not operable until you either move the mds screen up or down.  Or hit shift 2 whcih removes the gauges and then all the mouse clickable switches and points work.  Has someone come up with a "fix" for this or is the beautiful and functional panel not to be?  I have upgraded to 4.02. but that didn't help.  Thanks for any help with this.

Hi !

Haven't heard about any fixex...
Have your problems and that thrust-management won't spool up N1 allt the way to the limit of T/O, CLB .....
It only get's to about 2-3% before the limit at sealevel and about 8-10% at FL350 therefore loosing important thrust...

Otherwise it's a beautiful panel, I allso hope for a fix asap... 



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