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This is likely to be my last post. I am no longer a flightsimmer. I bought a new computer with Windows MC 2005 SP2 and it locks up all the time. Forget flying. Just won't happen. Forget trying to get reports done. They don't happen. Forget doing spreadsheets & tax forms. Won't happen.

I don't have the money or the time to get it sorted. It will literally take 4 years until I can afford a new computer. My old emachines processor burnt out and left me up the creek without a paddle. Don't buy anything from E-System. Ever.

I am now very busy going to the shops to buy a parge pack of pens & notebooks. Has anybody tried very complex mathematical operations without a PhD in maths? I've got to go uni and get maths phd before I can get this backlog cleared.

Another computer user bites the dust after being chased out with Windows. It's back to Mac for me.



There must be some customer rights.... if the computer really is defected some way you should be able to get a new working one instead. It could also be possible to change the computer to a bit different one, Windows Media Center probably was not the best choice, sorry. Or you could simply replace the operating system with Windows XP, no need to go to Vista yet.

Or MAC... that isn't a bad choice, I regret that I didn't buy a MAC last year when I got my laptop. But this is life I guess... 

If the new computer is good, think about changing to another Windows version.  I have been using Windows 2000 pro. for several years and it's taken me through 3 computers (the operating system out lasted the computer boards) and I think it's still the most stable of the Windows systems.  I run FS2004 and have over 100 airplanes, added everything and I get no "lock ups"  Here's a link to an ebay page that has many new and used versions for sale.  Just back up your hard drive or havit done, format the hard drive and install the windows.  once that's done you can bring back your other programs.  My las computer came with Windows XP and I did the switch and haven't looked back!
Good Luck

Sorry but the link will take you to a page that says"nothing found"  Just add an L at the end of proffessiona in the search box, click search and the right page will come up.   

Hello everybody,

I seem to recall the last fiasco of this computer.

My DVD drive rarely works (it has apparently cyclic redundancy errors or something like that) and half my CDs won't mount. I don't know what a damaged helicopter has to do with my CD drive. I have had to replace the hard-drive 3 weeks ago after the e-systems one burnt out (it reached 120 degrees C). I now have the case open with a 9 inch Tesco desk fan blowing in the case. I need a new DVD drive so that I can actually load CDs instead of worrying about broken helicopters falling on my head. Maybe the computer knew that Colin McRae would be killed and tried to warn me (he was a rally driver from my country who crashed his Squirrel on Saturday night).

Like Baldrick from Blackadder "I have a cunning plan Mr B" - if I run FS at the fastest sim rate with autopilot my flight will take less time so boredom doesn't get in and I have more time to get on with complex probability formulae. I actually ged paid to tell somebody that if they jump out a window they are likely to die! Can you believe it?

My CPU fan happened again! You may remember me moaning about a broken blade. It happened again when I was trying to put the new hard drive in. For a moment I thought that I had a Cessna indoors! It sounds like a Lycoming at 2200 rpm. Who needs to download Cessna sounds now  !

My Seagate 320 gb external hd (not the freeagent) managed to self-destruct along with ALL my freeware planes. Backup drive blows up and bye-bye Boeing! It made this somewhat unusual noise (think of a Volvo trying to get up a hill). I opened it up (I am qualified btw) and I found the platter around the stylus.

I think I got sold a lemon, so  you Bill Gates. I have heard all sorts about Media Centre 2005 SP2. I didn't know that the PC came with it installed. It has stupid things. I don't like the Windows Dancer that keeps popping up all the time. She has a scary smile   

However she's a source of amusment when Windows locks! She can be in the middle of doing something and it ends up looking a bit  sometimes. I often scream Jor (my best mate) into the room to come and see what she's doing now! It's funny! Oh my lord. She's locked again! Oh my God! This is great!

I took a screen shot (she locks - Windows doesn't) and it's funny        !!!

Anyway, I promise I will keep off the booze (that's why I'm talking so much).



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