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23rd September 2007

Today launched the start of a brand new era in virtual aviation, and a turn in the ways that bring people together to form a strong community of like-minded and strong willed enthusiasts, determined to develop skills and create a brand new, fresh and forever evolving airline. After 6 months of hard work, planning, research and design we have launched our brand new virtual airline.

That airline is ‘Breathe Airways’!

Breathe Virtual Airways is another creation from Simon Luckin who carries 4 years of virtual aviation experience. This time around, focusing on the low-cost operations that link together the focus cities in Europe, whilst delivering a high level of standard, modernisation and customer service.


Breathe Airways main headquarters are at London Gatwick, we also have major hubs at LGW (Gatwick), MAN (Manchester International) and NCL (Newcastle International) airports. Each airport serving a diverse range of destinations which include Domestic, European and an exciting range of Long-Haul routes to many faraway shores.

Breathe Airways strives to attract a wide range of passengers to the exciting destinations it operates, and also to attract many pilots to fly its routes enabling them to visit many exciting countries and destinations.


For business passengers our twice daily flights to European business capitals, London, Paris and Brussels. Catering for the holiday passengers looking for sun and sea in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Canary Islands, also operating a wide range of seasonal charter destinations. And for the more discerning traveller, long-haul destinations to New York, Dubai, Cairo, Caribbean and more.

Whichever way you look around you’ll find something to satisfy your needs and wants in a virtual airline that offers realism, professionalism and above all fun!


We operate a modern well maintained fleet of Boeing jets

Our 737 and 757 aircraft are fitted with performance enhancing winglets for more environmentally friendly operations. We also have our own logo-jet Boeing 737-800 G-BREZ that was painted prior to our launch designed purposely for charter routes and to display the many countries we fly to, this being symbolised by small flags painted on the fuselage of the aircraft.


The support on hand at Breathe is second to none, with dedicated staff for particular divisions within the airline. The online flying team are always on hand to shed light on how to get started flying online, and our web support staff for your more technical issues are again, always besides should you need assistance in using our systems.

The CEO Simon Luckin and Vice CEO Daniel Hobbs are never more than an email away for any question, dilemma, or nudge in the right direction. All our staff are friendly and dedicated to the virtual airline working hard to get where it is today.


Our website has been hand written from scratch, from automated systems to flight bookings, message centre, custom screenshot gallery and even a aircraft logbook where anyone can view which aircraft has flown which flights, not seen on many other airlines in the industry. Breathe Airways has a lot to offer its pilots.

Our forums hope to be the pinnacle in creating a wonderful environment for our pilots and staff to communicate with each other, and share information, tips and suggestions that can only drive the airline to a high success.

We value all of our pilots, and the dedication they bring with them to Breathe Virtual Airways.


Over the next few months and years there will be many new additions and surprises throughout the airline to further improve our service and standing in the virtual airline community.

Sign up today, and begin your new career in the virtual skies and help make this one of the UK’s newest and best virtual airline!


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