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I have just installed EFTP2004 and Tampere Photoreal. The city looks beautiful but I have some problems with the airport.

First it was covered all over with jetways, but after reading a post about this, I was able to get rid of them. However one problem remains. There are no buildings on the airport. The fence is there and there are cars and people, but not one single building.

I have installed the latest versions of everything relevant I could find on fsnordic.net. I have Finnterrain, FinnClass, FinnObjects4.3, FISD_library and Finnmesh2. I have placed EFTP2004 highest in priority.

Any ideas what could be the problem?



How is your Scenery complexity settings in the sim? (You find it in Settings - Display - Scenery menu)  Set it to Extremely dense. If you need to lower some settings in your system do it with autogen rather than with this setting.

Thanks for replying!

I have tested with all scenery settings to maximum, but still no buildings. I removed Tampere photoreal but still no buildings.

My rig should be good enough -- AMD FX-57 CPU, Nvidia Geforce 8800 Ultra video card and 2 Gb Corsair RAM. No problems with Heathrow or other megaairports, so it is unlikely that my problem is hardware related. I have checked for doublettes of Afcad files, but there is none. There must be some combination of scenery that causes the building at EFTP to disappear. There is one strange thing -- when I go to this airport, textures are very slow to load. My 3d cockpit is without textures (everything is white) for maybe 20 seconds or more before they load. This does not happen at other airports.

I would very much get Tampere working as I like to fly over Finland with all extras (Finnmesh etc).



Hello again,

I solved the problem. I removed all scenery except default plus Finnterrain etc and behold, the buildings at EFTP popped up like magic. I then put sceneries back again, 50 at a time, until I found the culprit, an airport scenery  in Israel, Sde_Dov. Quite strange, I would have guessed something closer, but there must be some object library in that scenery folder, that EFTP tried to use.

I read that during the last years of the F-14 Tomcat it took more than 60 man hours labor to keep the plane flying for one hour. I believe that about the same goes for FS9. Well, back to flying again.

Thanks for trying to help!

Best rgds



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