ERJ panel follow up


Bill, Attached are three shots.  One with the instruments (MFD's)
selected and the other without them selected and one with the instrument
layer pushed up using click and drag.   When the instruments are
displayed, none of the switches or mouse click points work.  As soon as
I remove the instruments either by using "shift 2, right clicking on any
of the instruments and closing the instrument view or dragging the
instrument layer away from the the rest of the panel. everything works.
The upper panel works fine but I think that is because it's a separate
layer or panel.
I hope this helps

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Sorry for the delay in responding, but I've been extremely busy.

After testing what you describe and looking at the screen shots, I cannot figure out why you are having a problem unless it has to do with Windows 2000. When I have the top screenshot showing (and you've done it correctly), it should work.

Which switches do not work in this configuration?


Thanks again for trying to resolve this for me.  When the instruments are displayed, all of the switches on the main panel do not work except the ones that control the aircraft information mfd (the one in the middle) and the overhead panel. When I drag the instrument panel up with the mouse, any switches below the instrument panel work.  I have no doubt that this is related to the instruments (layer) somehow covers the the main panel switches.  I've tried loading the main panel after the instruments thinking that if the main panel (layer) was "on top" it would work but as soon as I activate the instruments, the switches stop working.  As you indicated this might be something to do with windows 2000.


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